Innovative Socks


Sock knitting is an obsession of mine. I love creating designs inspired by fantasy worlds such as Oz, Narnia, and Wonderland. I run sock KALs with fabulous prizes in both the spring and fall, so sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know! 

Flattering Sweaters


Sweaters can only look as good as they fit. My sweater designs are carefully constructed to create a flattering fit with options for waist shaping and short-row shaping as needed. Tutorials are included for any challenging techniques, allowing you to take your knitting to the next level with ease.

Looks for Littles

IMG_8379 (3).jpg

As a mother first, my kids are always on my mind. Luckily my four boys love hand-knits as much as I do! I love creating designs for both boys and girls, with sizes ranging from baby through age 12. Kid knits are a great introduction to sweater knitting as you can learn techniques on a much smaller scale!

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